Monday, May 29, 2017

Patrick Scott Patterson takes advantge of a Mentally Handicapped 16 year old for what he calls a rescue in which is nothing less than disgraceful, and why he does not rescue anything or save

This just in now we all seen dumb and dumber where the Poor kid gets sold a Parrot which is dead and no head by a simple minded person!
Patrick Scott Patterson takes advantage of mentally handicapped 16 year old boy. Buys $500 worth of retro games for 80 bucks. Brags on social media.

Patrick Scott Patterson Funny story to this one. I went out of Denton on a lead, only to find terrible games. I hit this sale a few blocks away and was floored. When I asked how much, I was referred to a 16-year-old boy and thought no deal would be had. I was wrong. Check the newer photos for all 10 games that came with the N64.
Of course it is funny because Patrick has no Job he lives of buying and selling great for him BUT, bragging about a deal which is nothing more than stealing and taking advantage of someone that is not all there, is just nasty and dirty pool.

Patrick as always putting others down saying yard sales are not considered rescues well we have NEWS for you Patrick Scott Patterson neither is ANYTHING you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Save's Rescues and of course preserve!!!!!
Number one Patrick a Save/Rescue CANNOT happen unless the Item/Items were taken/recovered/obtained from a fire with little or no damages during the fire, a natural disaster this does not include overflowing a toilet due to a lack of fiber in the diet, and or being sick on the item
#2 A rescue or save cannot HAPPEN unless the item/Items  were recovered/obtained/taken from a NATURAL DISASTER such as an Earthquake, Hurricane, Tornado with little or NO damages, you claiming you did does not validate the fact unless in writing proof documented by the home damaged...

#3 A rescue/Save CANNOT HAPPEN unless the items/item were recovered/taken/obtained from a FLOOD not by a dirty person in a 2x4 home or a flood caused by stupidity, BUT A FLOOD caused by a structural issue, a FLOOD from rain and or melted SNOW and the item is in little to no damage WORKING CONDITION

You are an idiot to say otherwise, it's like saying you found a person that was missing on the side of the road, or a baby in a pool with no water and you brought them to their mommy or daddy, you FOUND THEM, YOU DISCOVERED THEM

Now if you FOUND A baby or a missing person in a halfway house, or a DEEP POOL and took em out not that you are capable that BE A RESCUE AND OR SAVE

You are just dumpster diving, garbage picking, buying a and selling, Items at a garage. yard, thrift or ABANDON C.... home is NOT a rescue, even you digging up under ground at a dead person home or corpse, is NOT A save or rescue.
You find things, you obtain, you treasure hunt, you garbage pick and dumpster dive, you scour the streets misleading scamming people I WANT YOUR GAMES, and give them less than store value, so you can turn a profit.
You discover, you take, nothing YOU ever got was in any DANGER besides possibly being thrown away.
That does not count as a SAVE you are just reselling it anyways or keeping it for the store your trying to open.
Fact Patrick Scott Patterson has NEVER saved/Rescued anything and has no documentation to prove otherwise....
Until he runs into a fire, water flood or natural disaster IN PROGRESS it's not a rescue or save and in fact it needs to be a person which it never was nor will be because there is NO profit for him to do so.
Preservation means keeping Items and or junk in nice clean or restored condition ORIGINAL...
Look on his ebay page dirt and grime on all the resale items no ethics, the will looks like it was picked up after doing a TAR job.......
Patrick Scott Patterson is a disgrace to gaming, society and this world


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