Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Patrick Scott Patterson losing likes and hits restores his desperate EGO with posting a 5.00 personal check from CGF 2017

We seen Patrick Scott Patterson show desperation and post ego trips seeing his likes still in the teens and hits, after being kicked out of the CGF 2017, Patrick begged the owner to make him a personal check to make it look like all was ok.

We know for a fact he was booted and Walter Day and Billy made sure of it, Patrick was quiet for a week now this lol
First off NO company or contract paying someone sends or allows you to post a PERSONAL check especially for services not rendered...

This is a 5.00 check for his trouble

Walter and Billy make 200.00 a show nobody get's 500.00

I know I know it looks good to blair out the REAL numbers

Patrick Scott Patterson give it up man you will NEVER be back at CGF as long as Walter and Billy are there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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