Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Patrick Scott Patterson is being fact checked and it's not good and since he love's it so much especially with false Internet claims starting as early as 1998 and that Hyperspace Arcade was a successful business

 Patrick known for re writing history of fraud and false information tries to paint the opposite picture of love and balloons

Patrick Scott Patterson Fraud and con artist lies just about everything but recently has been going back to 1998 in fantasy land claiming he ran some kind of an arcade site and been on the INTERNET IN 1998.

Fact is in 1998 according to 2 very credible computer experts modems for home were brand new and even home based businesses, they were about 56k  and relatively expensive, Patrick was fact checked on Google claiming on CAG he was invited to Twingalaxies in 1998 along with being on the internet as early as 1998 with an email and website.

If you search Google all you see is this compulsive liar claim he did that stuff in 1998, Rudy J. ferretti is offering from VIA paypal 1.98 per internet published ARTICLE and or link to something dated before 2004 Video Gaming related to Patrick Scott Patterson.

We have found zero pictures, zero websites not even closed ones, zero proof he even had an email account!!!!

Patrick claimed lives to fact check people he hates and or is jealous of never being like

let's fact check here a little on Patrick Scott Patterson

1998 - he claimed he had a toy collectable business where is the proof on the internet/business license and of course records of of it??????? It don't check out

He claimed he was invited to Join TG in 1998 it don't check out we called yes called, blaine locklear, david nelson, walter day asked jace hall to look at records on archives he wont post and pm's
we also contacted RTM and brien king

DOESN'T CHECK OUT!!!!!!!!! quote Patrick Scott Patterson never goes a day without lying he was never ever invited to Twingalaxies till Blaine himself in 2005!!!

We checked Internet Records we have found 0 sites of Patrick Scott Patterson's before 2004 and no email address in 1998-2004 either now he may have had a netscape or aol account or even hotmail, .com's were expensive computers were around 3-4000.00 in the 90's and if Patterson could afford it he not be living off his wife and ACA

Does not check out!!!!!!!!

We contacted owners of the Laundry mats and arcade's in ALL of Denton Texas, Garland and more here is what we were TOLD: Patrick Scott Patterson was a casual player he never had any high great scores on any of our machines, he bragged to people how great he was an was later embarrassed on arcade games and little competition's

Another LIE does not check out!!!!!

We contacted a few close pals of his even people he still talks too regarding the Nintendo World Championships

Everyone he knows never saw any evidence and his mom and dad never spoke of him going to any NWC except local store blockbuster and won in a store, never did Patterson register in any NWC nor is there ANY patterson registered  in any NWC ever, Robin and Thor said he was not there and do not understand why he makes stuff up!!! He has a nice replica shirt he never could have fit into!!!!!!

Does not check out also Patrick never showed his entry ticket, and other obvious proof by other competitors he is also the ONLY person who claimed to be there NOT in any footage provided by Nintendo with a signed NDA!!!!!!!!!! Pictures and video of all Semi Finalists and throughout the competition were taken and balloons, special gifts and prizes and food!!!!!!!!!

Once again Doesn't check out!!!!!!!!!

Patrick claimed in Dallas there was a MTPO local competition were he beat the entire game without taking a single hit, there is no record of ANY such event in ALL of Texas and no champion has ever beaten MTPO with no damage, it cannot be done!!!!!!

We also Called Nintendo and they said anything like that would have been tracked and news and media would be there

Once again does not check out

Patterson claimed he got a DK KS in just six months and right after the FIRST Kong Off, later to be caught cheating by sending in fake screen shot of hank chens and even worse DECLINED Kong Off 2 where Richie said come get a KS and Ryan Atari Intellivision said he pay 5k we know patterson loves money!!!!!! He also shortly later quit Twin Galaxies

Once again Does not check out!!!!!!!!!

If Patterson was so in love with studying gaming, was so great and had a passion and was invited to TG in 1998 what stopped him?

Why is it that we cannot find anything proving anything Gaming related to Patterson till 2004???

If Patterson was a Child Prodigy why was he not in books magazines and papers and today not SUCCESSFUL and Living off Gov't????

Patrick Scott Patterson claimed he ran a SUCCESSFUL Arcade Business

This IS Partially VALID however here  is the check out or check inn

KLOV - As you can see have many complaints of his Business of excuses and lies not to fix or send out items in timely manner ask Richie Knuckles and Dean Wentzel they had many of his customers TO FIX issues of Patrick's that RUINED boards by patterson, kept money by patterson and even never SENT won auctions, just like an ILL ref he did the same as a Business owner

Look here excuses I am sick oh the customs had issues oh I had an emergency BS

he soon after shut his business before the BBB and LAW got involved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



https://forums.arcade-museum.com/archive/index.php/t-90735.html Complaint after complaint
Excuse after excuse

People even asking not to have his involvement

In the End Patterson kept money without refunding sent back broken and damaged items and even incomplete work sure some ok comments but look at the track record!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We can only Hope someone brings him to Justice and Puts him in Jail where he belongs
Pete Bouvier and others almost did recent years call and ASK em

Now go TYPE on Google Patrick Scott Patterson and show US something from before 2004 by him done with him or about him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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