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Trivia did you know Patrick Scott Patterson lied about these claims he made ? and why he is infact a liberal govt live off person

Patrick Scott Patterson claims he left Twingalaxies calm and peaceful, but of course we all know he is Mr. Opposite and A new recent radical Liberal that cannot be trusted!!!

#1This is from credible former Twingalaxies Staff and Ownerships

I have on decent authority that the week prior to patrick scott patterson rage quitting TG
his wife tried to submit his L=22 donkey kong score
and it was vetoed by existing refs at the time
or something to that effect
the score going with it was likely made up
but the DKF generally mocks him for that L=22 shit
because pretty much everyone knew he was full of shit
so his whole charade of quitting TG for personal reasons etc. was really because he was being run out of town behind the scenes there and at DKF with people mocking him and calling him a fraud
which is why that shit has stuck with him for so long
anyways, point was he tried to have his wife act as a fellow "referee" and sneak his score in
no solid proof I can give you beyond ithat
Also, he had adjudicated Hank Chiens WR kill screen the week before he ":kill screened" DK with his L:=22 shit
which DKF people proved was just a fucking cropped screen grab of hank's recording
Did you know ???? Patrick Scott Patterson was caught cheating in fantasy football by numerous DKF and DK players, and when caught he denied it!!!

 Bashes Donald Trump and anyone who supports the man and shames him for bringing God into his decision making Patrick Scott Patterson Both in a way. I've seen other people go through this, though none of them ever became... you know..... PRESIDENT. Long story short.... they do believe what they say, and it's due in large part to the fact that they surround themselves with other people who tell them the same. That is a shield of sorts in how it validates what they believe about themselves. "Well, these people say the same thing, so they must be right" they think. Then those who say differently are "against" them or "bad people" when they are, in fact, the reality they choose to ignore. This is concerning.... especially since he's started entering God into it. 

So clearly Patrick says what he thinks Hollywood and the Media and his fellow snowflake libtards and cornflakes want to see, and want to hear proving the Labels of him are true for sure!!!!
Did you know Recently Patrick lied saying he never deletes or blocks anyone yet he Blocked Rudy J. Ferretti and got upset about these truth blogs reporting 4 videos he also Blocked William Macevoy and several others so once again Mr. Opposite...
Did you know Patrick got a request from a woman of course we know he will jump on a friend request from any woman since he is a known panty sniffer, as soon as he friended her she added him to a GOP Group, and he unfriended her and left the group, proving he will never hear other sides!!!
This next did u know  Patrick said
One cannot claim to be an American patriot yet decry protesters. This country was shaped by protests throughout it's history. Standing up and speaking out when you feel something is wrong is the most American thing you can do. True patriots fight for what they believe is best for this country, rather than conform to what they know is wrong.
While True Beeker face you have never been patriotic by bashing the president calling him Hitler in more ways than one and you done nothing for vets except plugging a small gaming fund that you don't have the skill to even play in, let alone afford a donation, like millions trump got for them BEFORE, he was sworn in, once again you lie.
Did you know Patrick claims he has speaking about used games and collecting and issues in gaming for 15 years well that is proven to be another LIE, here are the facts Patrick was sniffing jock straps until 2008, joined TG in 05-06 KOK era, no posts related to gaming in 04-03-02 ANYWHERE IF THERE is ONE it's very difficult to find, Ironically the Great Rudy J. Ferretti came in to the scene 2002-03  and no posts BY Patrick were made till 2005 when he joined making it 12 years not 15

Did you know Patrick denied shopping in good will but since late 2016 he has been dumpster diving, hitting foreclosed locations and even making deals with people that lost loved ones to take their stuff???

Fact he has been bragging he knows all about thrift stores and how big the market is and always was, meanwhile again never spoke of gaming till 2005....

Did you know Patrick claims he does not Live off social services or the Govt!!! Well in this post PROVES that is another lie and lives off the Govt to at least one degree and has put his kids and wifes life in limbo and risk.

Patrick Scott Patterson 6 hrs · Received a well-written political argument in my inbox last night by a pro-Trump supporter. The person writing it said they did not mind if I answered their questions publicly, as long as I left their name out. Since they are the first pro-Trump person to inbox me without insulting me, I'm going to respect their wishes. I want to answer it all publicly, because I hope that it can explain my current political position and concerns about the new "administration". 
 As usual no proof this email or face book message is real
------------------------------------------------------------- "Can you really say you are better off than you were 8 years ago"? The answer is a giant YES. 8 years ago, I watched helplessly as the economic 
 downturn took my growing business and sent it down quickly.
Did you know Patrick scott patterson did run a fraud under the table repair business that he nearly got in LEGAL trouble for stealing money from customers for not completing repairs, complaining he was sick just like he did as a referee, later to shut down from many complaints.... Hyperspace arcade on rip report, so his Business never was on any rise, because for one he did mickey mouse work, and even destroyed some of his repairs, no other Arcade Repair Business got hit in the US due to the economic downturn!!!! 8 years btw Patrick is when Obama took office thanks for confirming the democrats were responsible, yet you want to support them again!!!
Clients were citing sudden economic changes across the board in cancelling bookings and retainers. I'd done well in 2007, but put almost everything back into the business, expecting it to keep growing. In 2008, 
Again people canceled because they figured out Patrick was not a legit businessman and it got around quickly!!!! all he did was take the ill stolen kept money he took from customers that never got their full service they paid for!!!
that growth stopped and reversed course. I was now bringing in per month what I'd been bringing in 
 per week, with far more overhead than I'd had before. At the same time,
 This is another false claim the Business was down in 2008-09 without notice when you were contacted by several gamers for repairs and cosmetics you could not even answer a simple question about Frogger, Dean Wenzel also confirmed many people that complained about Patterson and how he would go to find parts to make up for his mistakes learning hands on, Dean bailed out many of his customers that got mickey mouse work by patterson
Melissa was still fairly new to teaching. The economic downturn had caused a budget shortfall that was resulting in teacher layoffs all over the place. With little tenure at the time, she was nearly cut. Had that happened, we would have been in a LOT of trouble very quickly. We were teetering on a cliff for quite a while. Since the loan system had been abused by the rich, 
So blames the rich student Loans company instead of telling the facts he refused to get a REAL JOB!!!
we were now suffering there, too. One of my credit cards - at a time when getting those was hard for me as it was - got cancelled under new regulations... taking out a lifeline we might have needed.... and don't even get me started on the other stuff. During the Obama administration, things got better for us every year while he was in office... 
Of course it got better Patterson was living on the ACA, Foodstamps and other GOVT resources, proving you could not pay your life line credit card because you instead of getting a REAL job rely on your wifes new teaching income.
This is why it was a big deal for me to get new wheels last year under just my own verified self-employment income, as that's hard for an independent contractor to do. We entered into 2017 with wide open opportunities right in front of us that seemed impossible 8 years ago... yet fearful that 
the Trump era will undo many of the very things that let us get there. 

Of course you fear you will now have to go out get a REAL JOB blame trump I see, you will have to Pay for Health Insurance and no longer be allowed food stamps or assistance...... but instead of confirming your hardship you blame Trump
--------------------------------------------------------------------- "
But what about health care? Didn't Obamacare screw you?" The answer is NO. I left my day job in late 2006 
 Ok so you left a job in 2006 Putting your families finances and future at risk to live off Tax Payer Dollars, instead of being a man keeping your job.

 to devote all my time to my self-business. That Failed nearly the day it started
 Health insurance went away with that, and it was too expensive for me to buy my own at the time. Since I never got sick and was no longer wrestling 

I though you did 10 years quit in 2008 so it was NOT 10 years hmmmm 

never got sick funny you been sick at least 3-4 times a year since 2005 in the gaming scene
, I took the risk. In early 2007, I was hospitalized with diverticulitis and an infection caused by it. A lot of people don't know this, but I was hours away from probable death when I went to the Emergency Room for a pain and a mild fever that wouldn't subside. The bill was staggering, yes, but you know what? I did the math, and even that uninsured hospital stay was cheaper than it would have been for me to pay for health insurance for that year.
Yes Obama Care is great for people who don't work real jobs and live off the GOVT you are right there
 Obamacare quite literally changed nothing on this end, as it was still expensive and all that. I don't agree with MOST of the ACA, by the way, for those who lacked reading comprehension skills in reading my recent post about the planned repeal. But with that said, let's not act like the health care system was any better before it, either. I know some lost this and that due to the ACA, but it changed little here. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ "How can you say you aren't a liberal when you are against Trump and voted for Hillary?" Because I'm not. In fact, I've been vocal on the Internet about the two-party labeling system for as long as I've been on the Internet. I'm more of a Centrist, and every political test I've ever taken agrees with that.
Show us these Political Tests when you don't even know who George Soros is you never taken a Test of any kind in your life you were NEVER Vocal on Politics till 2016 maybe you made 1-2 posts a year before NOT VOCAL
 I'm big on capitalism, except when it comes to things like healthcare and energy, which people need to survive. I'm big on family values, though I also agree that people have the right to define marriage in whatever way feels right to them. I'm big on voter's rights, but also agree that you should need a valid ID to vote... so much so that I don't even understand how the hell that's an issue. I'm big on enforcement of legal immigration, but I also believe the system is a big part of why there's so many illegal immigrants. I think you change that and give amnesty to those who came here, along with a path to make it legal. I believe 90 percent of those who came over here illegally are just here to work hard and feed their families, nothing more. I could go on, but I really shouldn't have to. I don't think "liberal" is an insult, but I also don't feel it describes me. I'm amazed that the label is thrown my way for simply expressing my belief that people - ALL people - should be treated with dignity and respect. That said... my vote. Understand that Hillary Clinton was my protest vote. I have literally voted against a Clinton every single time I ever voted in my life, and even voted in the local Democratic primaries last year just to vote AGAINST her. Also, don't keep glossing over the fact that Trump was one of my personal heroes for decades... up until he started to open his mouth about politics and the kind of man he really is began to show more and more. Clinton was the only candidate with a shot of beating Trump, and despite the fact that it made my skin crawl to do it, I couldn't live with myself if I'd voted for a third party candidate that had zero chances of beating the very, very dangerous Trump. But for the record, let's go through my entire presidential voting record over the years. 1992 - Ross Perot* 1996 - Bob Dole 2000 - George W. Bush 2004 - George W. Bush 2008 - Barack Obama 2012 - Barack Obama 2016 - Hillary Clinton * Was just shy of voting age, but I was active in campaigning for him. That's pretty even across political parties.... and when you factor in that I supported Reagan and the first Bush growing up, I've historically gone Republican far more times over my lifetime than Democrat. Long story short, I vote for who I think is the better choice at the time. I wish more people would, rather than blindly supporting one side or the other. I can't see anything in either party that I could ever universally support, nor can I understand how anyone else could. That said, I hope this clears up a bit on my end. I get it.... people's mileage varies here... for my stories above, I'm sure there are people with the exact opposite kinds of stories. That's what people need to understand, though..... there's nothing cut and dry and black and white here.... just because YOU feel a certain way about the Obama years doesn't mean that point of view is universal. Just because YOU didn't come out of his run ahead of where you were before it doesn't mean nobody did. And just because you didn't like him... or didn't like or trust Clinton... it doesn't mean Trump was the better choice. I actually fear for our country right now, but that's a deeper discussion for another time. Perhaps DeVos will get voted down and I can find at least one sigh of relief in this mess we have right now

You living off the GOVT Conflicts these statements Patrick 

Conclusion besides you are a Snowflake and cornflake and Liberal lets get to it btw you dont even know what a centrist is!!!!

 Patrick Scott Patterson Did You know Conclusion and facts
So ultimately
he's a fence sitter
and hes voted exclusively Democrat since 2008
He just dances around the questions and barely answers them
He didn't do any better health wise with Obama
He's NEVER said anything positive about Trump, ever.
He tows the typical liberal hysteria lines where everything is racist yet he claims to support Voter ID?
According to most liberals / people on the left Voter IDs are racist because it affects illegals more than anyone and most illegals are mexican
He claims to be pro law enforcement, yet he's been openly supporting BLM, and pizza gate who have openly talked about murdering police
He's pro free speech and internet journalism, yet he supports Obama, the president who has been more anti journalistic freedom than any other president, responsible for more legal action and hostility towards the press than any other.

He says he is a centrist, and yet he derides anyone who voted for or supports Trump because they must be die hard Republican / racist scum?
So we're to take him at face value, that he is a centrist with differing opinions here and there (he tries REAL hard to say his opinions are as least controversial as possible), but he won't accept that people could vote for Trump and not support all of his positions absolutely?
He says Trump was his hero and he's pro capitalist, yet somehow also sorta liberal but not REALLY a liberal because he hates labels, but he believes all of the liberal bullshit storylines that "Trump hates women" and "Trump hates muslims" etc.
I'd be shocked if he could find single things that Trump has said that he thinks makes him a bad person that isn't some left/liberal spin on what Trump ACTUALLY says, or has any voracity to support it.

In a post 9/11 world, everyone was anti-illegal immigration, because everyone had a reason to rally behind their countrymen and the threat was real. Now that people have had time to forget, it's all about supporting sanctuary cities and about saying Trump is a racist because of his "muslim ban"

While Trump could have gone about that temporary halt a little more clearly to prevent some chaos, it wasn't a fucking ban and certainly is NOT racist (Islam is a religion, not a race, as are Muslims practitioners of Islam.. not a race).
Let's also then, conveniently ignore the fact that the 7 countries Trump chose (which the idiot liberal media makes it out to be because he must have shady deals with the countries not on the list) ACTUALLY come from the Obama administration era's Department of Homeland Security.
It was the DHS, under Obama, that identified those 7 countries as being high risk for terror threats to America and it was Obama who put a 6 month moratorium on visas from those countries.
So was it a racist Muslim Ban when Obama did it?
Or was it ok that he did it because he was the first black president and a Democrat, so therefore beyond reprisal?
The simple truth is, Patrick is a coward
He voted Republican up until it was in his best interest (as an inter dimensional multi media multiple personality entity) to hop on the Democrat band wagon.
The Democrat hype and anti-bush rhetoric was at an all time high when Obama came in. (see: the HOPE/CHANGE campaign) with Obama promising to shut down Gitmo, stop bombing the middle east, ending the war and renewing the publics faith in the Gov.
So he hopped on the gravy train of public Pro-Obama train and cashed in on easy likes for his easy opinions.

In the subsequent 8 years, of Obamas largely ineffective (outside of economic stability) tenure, where he failed in many aspects including but not limited to failing to close Gitmo, drastically increasing the true income gap (1% vs rest), drastically increasing the debt-to-GSP ratio and increasing the number of people on food stamps while decreasing the job participation ratio.

Everything was hunky dory for Patty Cakes
And what does he do when time comes to vote a new president in? He hopes on the bandwagon again, one of historic proportions that saw LARGE SWATHES of the media clearly engaged in partisan politicking, brazen in their bias towards Clinton.
He went with the e z mode of calling everyone and everything who disagrees with him a racist/misogynist, cozying up extremist radical feminists like Despira and her ilk.
He learned from Cat and friends how to de-platform any opposition and how to engage SOLELY in an echo chamber of his own followers and like-minded political allies so as to bolster his position.

And they felt powerful for it, because you never have to have your ideas challenged if you block/ban everyone who might disagree with you and you only engage with your facebook buddies on the daily instead of any other forum that isn't hostile to open debate. And he WAS challenged to do so, numerous times, be it on TG or DKF or any other open forum where he wasn't the one who gets to dictate the narrative or have throngs of ignorant followers parrot him as backup.

Did he engage in any of that? Nope. Because the truth is, he doesn't want honest debate, he wants to be right. So he hides with his miniscule user base and circle jerks with people who share his beliefs and believe every ridiculously biased story he tells them.

Notice: Patrick has NEVER admitted to being wrong about anything ever, to any of his silly casual fan base, he is ALWAYS the victim in every scenario. Because that's how the real world works. Some fat slob in Texas is an infallible paragon of truth, that's why he's known by DOZENS of people on the internet.

So yeah, he votes Democrat, because it's easy to be anti Trump right now
thats the easy opinion to have
Why talk about the nuance behind these major decisions and the implications thereof when you can just decry "RACIST! MISOGYNIST!" at every single nominee Trump / GOP puts up and every decision or executive order he makes.
Because nobody in his little circle of sycophants will ever question that or press him on hard issues like how he can support Voter ID but still pretend Trump pushing for that very thing is somehow illogically racist.
So he can simultaenously hold opposing opinions, like supporting the Military and Veterans, but also being pro Obama (who has disrespected the military NUMEROUS times, especially the VA) while also being anti-Trump and anti-Mathis.
Because nobody will challenge him.
And he doesn't want to be challenged, because he's a coward

That's why he doesn't engage anywhere that he doesn't already have people who subscribe to the same beliefs as he does. Because outside the little pocket of irrelevancy that he occupies on the internet, very few people have a high opinion of him. Very few people see him as anything beyond a self-serving hustler looking to flip video games and shit he digs out of dumpsters or pries away from widows for his own profit, under the guise of "archiving" it.

He still has buddies here and there and people he's convinced that he is a "good one" because he will say whatever opinion is convenient at the time to get them on his "side". It's no fucking wonder he voted for and identifies with a candidate like Clinton, the most two-faced, under handed candidate of all time.

"Just because you voted for Trump doesnt mean he was the better candidate".
Well guess what tubby, all the "Hillary won the popular vote!" "The Electoral College is old!" "#NotMYPresident" posts in the world won't change the fact that Trump is his fucking president and will be for the next 4 years minimum
And if anything, people like Patty and Cat and the other leftist cry bullies and the shitty rags and "media" that panders to them are doing a damn fine job at convincing the rest of the America and the world to ensure it's 8 fucking years of Trump Making America Great Again.

 "I liked it more when you didn't talk about politics" - Overnight inbox message Let's talk on that real quick, then I'm off to focus on a packed workday. First of all, I've always talked politics to at least some extent. In the past, I very loudly spoke up against politicians when several of them were aiming to regulate or tax "violent video games", even posting their contact information so that the public could contact them. Oklahoma Democrat Will Fourkiller's proposed "violent video game tax" - for example - was slapped down due in part to my efforts against it. Now-convicted Democratic Senator Leland Yee was also often targeted by me for his efforts to regulate, as I helped in every way I could at the time in the fight against his efforts. I strongly supported the fracking ban here in town, and strongly opposed Texas Governor Greg Abbott's decision to overturn it by actually altering the law. I openly criticized the penalty portion of the Affordable Care Act. I criticized other past presidents, too, especially Bill Clinton, and I've been critical many times over the years about what I felt were poor political decisions that impacted our education system and Veterans. Long story short, to suggest that I haven't posted about politics in the past is to hold onto selective memory. Then again, there are people who've followed me on here for 8 years and still can't get my name right, or still categorize me as a "writer" or "journalist" or some other label that I've never put on myself. I really wish I didn't have to talk so much about politics right now, too. I'd much rather talk video games all damn day as well. But what's going on in this country right now under our new "president" is very scary... and should be very scary to any educated person. When government agencies and opposing senators are being silenced... when clearly unqualified people are being confirmed for important cabinet positions.... when our country is profiling based on race and religion... when our "president" is discrediting anyone who is "negative" (factual) toward him.... when our "president" is breaking campaign promises left and right and yet his supporters are blind to it....

Fact Patrick NEVER spoke out about anything political on any major level till 2016 LATE 
Fact Patrick is a Journalist and Corpse WRITER 
Fact Patrick is Patrick his legal name is PATRICK
  all of that shows how ridiculously biased his opinion is
He repeats liberal talking points that are very slanted as if they are fact

Trump has stuck closer to his campaign promised much more than Obama
Also he says "president", so we assume he doesn't think Trump is the president?
That's pretty fucking anti American
Weather he liked Trump or not, it's a fucking FACT that he IS the President
No debate, no maybes or what ifs.
To suggest otherwise is unpatriotic and anti American

Patrick Scott Patterson is a Squatting live off his wive, eats off the govt, cornflake/snowflake, anti americal liberal radical democrat!!!


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