Thursday, February 9, 2017

Patrick Scott Patterson When will the lies stop, did you know ?????

Did you know Patrick Scott Patterson claimed with no evidence of course that he has been video gaming since 1981????

Did you also know he has been claiming to be speaking and fighting for gaming and collecting for 15 years?????

Here this is the same person that Joined Twingalaxies in April of 2005, and has NO public proof or posts anywhere online of him speaking about video games, why is that?????

This is also the same person we know loves to post complain cry and look to be center of attention, recently claiming he voted for Perot in 1992 election, yet in 1992 November he was 17 years and 1 month Old......

Tell us Patrick where are your posts videos and proof of you playing, speaking or fighting for gaming before April of 2005?????

Patrick Scott Patterson you like to suddenly lie and claim you had  posts in gaming as early as 2002 even on TG it's funny you try to best the GREAT RUDY J. FERRETTI, who in fact came into TG 2002-03 well before the king of kong and has real accomplishments and real stories of his history....

Patrick you are really good at pretending and fabricating your life story with no evidence or witnesses to back it up, now we know on FB tomorrow you will say what about RUDY, well lets see Rudy is not smeared all over the internet for lies, and fabricated stories, nor was he ever caught or accused of cheating in such manners as you.....

To boot Patrick Rudy has also done more accomplishments and more amazing feats in gaming, than you and ANYONE you know combined....

Patrick Scott Patterson recently speaks like he is an expert on Funco Land and history while his booty buddy Eric worked there does not mean Patricks story is accurate and considering he didn't know Eric till around 2006 is way after the FUNCO era, no credibility

So Patrick Scott Patterson you were not a member of FB when it started nor Myspace so where are these historical posts like ur fraud arcade business and donkey kong ks, and fake perfect pan ??????

Reminder you lie and claim you were a NES semi finalist with a replica T shirt and Robin and Thor never heard of or saw you!!!! how is that????

Another Item Jace had a conversation with Rudy when you and your wife called him crying, so is the face book conversation fake too??????

Keep Digging with your lies and another thing posting things little by little of one big find is not impressive and it's obvious!!!!!!!!!


  1. I wish I had the last few minutes of my life back

    1. You know you loved it and that's why you read it!!!