Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Patrick Scott Patterson Lets everyone know he is mad about being called out for being white trailer park boy


He says:

NOW It's come to my attention that my use of the phrase "rescue" for various games and consoles is bothering some people.

Response #1Which means it is bothering to him mentally in so many ways and levels he must cry about it.

NOW Re quoting the song can't be held responsible just re vamped words like his life and articles.
AND For the life of me, I can't understand why. Of course, we're talking about an Internet world here that has made things in the past out of my socks, fingernails and occasional food habits, so I guess this isn't the goofiest complaint I've heard.

Response #2 There were no socks on his feet on his dirty, and never shampooed carpet, during some backwoods interview. His fingernails are always dirty which would alert a major hygiene issue, and since by looking at a person who resembles beeker and cannot see their own voice box or apple, no matter HOW high he lifts his neck, would indicate fast food 7 days a week, wings beer and junk food....

NOW For clarity: I use the term "rescue" when an item is slated for discarding or destruction... or is at risk of it. The Pac-Man arcade upright from last fall, for example, was going to be sledgehammered that weekend had I not come along.... and clearly the black box NES stuff that sat in an abandoned RV for 30 years was seriously at risk of not surviving into the future.

I use that term only when appropriate and only to create further awareness of the fact that video game items are discarded and/or destroyed at an alarming rate and always have been.

Response #3 First off Patrick you are not saving or rescuing people, animals or anything that is life worthy, you are obtaining, dumpster diving, goodwill hunting and driving around garbage picking, while Melissa Works and you collect wefare, aca, and other assistance, prob disabled from all the wrestling years....

I do NOT use the term, however, when I simply find an item in a yard sale or thrift store or what have you. I phrase those as "finds" just like anything else, because they were just 'right place, right time' things for me.

Response #4 Nobody cares what terms you use if they are correct and honestly nobody wants to read about you crying to pity as to why you use your incorrect terms and change of words on a daily basis

Now if someone can explain how anyone who claims to love video games can have a problem with my efforts to keep video game stuff above ground and in circulation... with a portion of it all going to
 charity no less... then y'all have figured out something I'm missing here.

Response #5 You are not putting efforts for anything but easy cash in your pocket, your not helping anything or cause or anyone for that matter, people do what you do since 1976 and it's nothing more than look at me look at me I have all this stuff that might have gotten thrown away to cash in on, which you didn't speak of at all or do in 2005 all till 2016 Y'ALL is not English btw Patrick

Unbelievable that one word that I've only used for a few weeks could trigger people who you'd think would support ANYONE's efforts to prevent stuff they claim to like from being trashed.

That said... back to it.

Response#6 You are right it's unreal you pretend like your some savoir or doing something good when it's nothing original just another day of copy cat life in Texas!!!!!!

Patrick Scott Patterson I considered that term, but it tends to be connected too much to "trash" that way. Already enough false claims that I "dumpster dive", which is not truthful. It also wouldn't fit situations where something is pulled from a garage or attic after decades... or that nasty ass RV.

Response#7 Dumpster diving is the same as going onto a crack head abandoned old RV that you saw was a crime scene most like u broke the law trespassing, but of course it's ok because you are a known criminal act person.

Patrick Scott Patterson Especially when it's really friggin' easy to just not go look at someone's social media or whatever. There are people out there who you could say I'm not a fan of.... and guess what, I don't ever know what they are doing or saying unless someone tells me... because I don't go look. It's pretty easy.

Response #8 More Lies Patrick you have reported a dozen of Rudy J. Ferretti's blogs and posts and videos nearly every morning you awake, before Melissa makes you, your captain crunch, because we know you have no clue how to light a stove or make eggs, you look and watch and report everything Rudy does....... and others

I think of CM Punk's quote about a parody done of him: "I'm split 50/50 on it. Some days I get real pissed about it, because it's disrespectful. I'm sure it's no secret that the dorks that run Chikara and I don't get along, so they're [sic] judgement on trying to 'mock' me is a little off. Most other days I just laugh it off because nobody from Chikara will ever be over enough anywhere for anybody else to parody them"


Why are you pissed about getting mocked and called out for your ill doings ?
Ill tell you why because you were in hopes you be able to live the dirty underhanded life you have been since at least 2005 forever!!!!! You don't Laugh it off you call people and cry saying I am just trying to feed my family why is everyone hating on me, just like you did with Jace Hall

Just like now your a part of LORT a money embezzeling group refusing to show tax returns and people BIG names like Hollyanne Setola and others left, so unethical people like you can take over!!!!

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