Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Patrick Scott Patterson's ill practices continue to tank and fail and now he is warning us of Idle Legal Action lol

Ready for your next case????

Patrick Scott Patterson always caught up in scams, ill doings and in recent days/months has been trying to sabotage and re write FALSE history on Wiki, although his user name was banned his IP address is still being ill used on the pages!!!!

He loves to proclaim he is all for preservation, saving history and even keeping it correct, despite bashing the ONLY leader the Country ever had to really care for our vets, Patterson Bashes him daily, and claims he is a big supporter of our vets, we have 0 proof of any proceedings going to Operation Supply Drop, and Arcade Charity, recently people have been following patterson around.

You would notice like Dumb and Dumber the 84 Sheepdog Anyone can Identify, well when you take a Clearance Kia and put a stolen non permission to use logos on it, and drive it around and it's one of a kind, especially after your known for ripping others off, it catches up to you!!!!!!

We seen his car parked in front of thrift and goodwill stores after claiming he doesn't shop goodwill, and even adult video stores, which is fine but don't be in denial.

Despite Saying he would ignore and never look or respond again for the GANZILLIONTH time

NOW THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

SEE I used to joke that those online types that seem to spend way too much time each day complaining about me would do so even if I cured cancer or went away for a month.

REPLY - You cannot cure your lies and scams start there and to cure cancer you need common sense and education sorry charlie!!!!!!!!!!

It almost proved itself a prophecy.

NOW THE First came last week, when people who don't know me proclaimed the serious accusation that I am not truthful about my relationship with Operation Supply Drop or other charities for that matter. Never mind years of posts and photos on my social media that would back that up, I even got the CEO of OSD Glenn D Banton to respond himself. He publicly and privately confirmed my involvement, yet some persisted anyway, publicly parading around anywhere but my phone or direct e-mail demanding details that I've publicly posted already dozens of times.

Reply - You talk bad about the President any chance you get, you support liberalism and Democrats and living off the system, all VET killers, when you speak ill about the president you also do not support the vets, no photos and posts of your lies do not back up your contributions, your the pandering thumb beeker head panderson here, of course people are demanding answers you pocketed your invalids charity, to send him to meet a man you hate, a man that takes care of vets, a man that is OUR President who pays your ACA, and Gov't assistance.

BUT THE  Second came this morning, where I'm informed via direct e-mail (funny how that works) that I'm being accused of "vandalizing Wikipedia" again, despite my refusal to support that website in well over a year. Apparently, there's an effort by some to correct video game related information on there, and since it involves these people's friends, these cyberstalkers (more on that in a moment) are fighting to re-edit in false historical narrative that benefits their pals... and accusing me of being a "vandal".

Reply - You are NOT being accused we have spoken to people that know you and are aware that YOU and several others are Vandalizing Multiple Wiki pages, same reason you got booted from events for Bashing the same people of those pages you are continuing to ruin, your IP address is there present your username is BANNED, and right there saying others are correcting information, when in fact YOU know it's false and your known for that work of fraud, forgery, and false pretenses, you did a great job lying about Billy, Walter and Rudy, your the primary suspect, you been caught on hundreds of occasions of stealing and using copyrighted materials and falsifying info, not to mention not 1 but TWO occasions you Patrick nearly went to Jail for.

AND Um... I've just wrapped up the busiest six weeks of my life, guys. Let me get this straight... somehow while dealing with my annual visit to the E3 Expo, sending Brody on both his Washington D.C. trip and a week long Scout camping trip, building the U.S. National Video Game Team website, refreshing my own website, negotiating multiple event appearance offers, having pitch meetings with companies I connected with at E3, hunting down and obtaining numerous large caches of old video game stuff, reducing my overstock of modern disc games, celebrating my wife's birthday, doing a media ride-along, planning the specifics of my upcoming event appearances, keeping up with my writing commitments with various outlets and moving forward with development of other forms of content.... you guys think I had the time or desire to go edit a broken website in order to bug you.

Reply - Oh you were busy alright posting 18 hrs a day responding arguing and sabotaging Wiki on multiple pages and times a DAY, Your little visit to E3 does not make you busy, sending Invalid to a trip we the TAX payers paid for upon your begging, is not busy, destroying editing facts in WIKI is not busy, refreshing your website that took under 1hr to do is not BUSY, (More on that in a minute) You have no pitching or negotiating of anything other than 50-100.00 pay and a free room and entry, to mostly LOCAL events, you hunt and catch like everyone did in the 90s, oh yes reducing stock sure takes talent and time to do, nobody cares about you, your invalid or wife, writing commitments lol, we don't think anything you ARE full of crap..... and E3 was a month ago

AND Wow. And I'm called egotistical.

This post isn't aiming to raise issue with this, it's getting it out of my system before I put it INTO the system. The activities of these people is cyberstalking and defamation by the very legal definition. Late yesterday afternoon, I talked with a lawyer who calls this a "slam dunk" case of it. This post is an advised "final warning".

Thanks for coming.
With today's website refresh comes the note that I'm phasing out the Archive Alley name, at least for the time being.

Reply - No you are Egotistical, Narc, and persona disorderly to say the least, you so did NOT talk with an Attorney number one NO attorney would allow or encourage you to threaten, offend and or engage in any further communication, yet you clearly broke those rules on 100s of occasions, then to say I only do it once in a while like 5 year old, playing victim, final warning BRING IT!!!!!!!!!

Slam Dunk the only slam dunk is the END of your fake and fraud career rapidly climaxing

Rebranding World Record - Patrick Scott Patterson the ONLY person to rebrand on over a Dozen occasions  in the last 11 years

The first reason has to do with the mission of it, which was to obtain and preserve vintage publications and footage in the ongoing effort to research and catalog video game history more deeply. At the time I focused on that, I was doing so under the impression that the preservation of other video game items was already in good hands.

My research proved that wrong, expanding my efforts into going well beyond that one niche. While the large cache of vintage video game publications and the like that I've built up will continue on exactly as it was, I felt it was necessary to simplify by encompassing everything under one identity.

The second reason is to simplify so that I can spend more time focusing on this effort. I've rid myself of a lot of distractions and redundancy so I can focus on the tasks at hand instead.

Reply - Yet you continue to engage and respond and even try to taunt the ill situation you created

NOW I'll retain the name in the event that I'll use it again the future. For now, I've streamlined and I'm eager to see what comes next.
I've loved video games for nearly 36 years now and I've been using the Internet to give back to gaming in a number of ways for 20 of them. How I've done so has evolved many times while I evolved myself through my experiences and constant study of video game history and culture.
Reply - Yipp Kia Yay your claim to fame is the common denominator of ALL gamers 38 and above you think your special giving back copying stealing and using others work and altering it for financial gain. You evolved into the biggest scam artist in video gaming history

While I'm certain I'll continue to evolve it all, how I can best give back to something that's given me so much joy and entertainment has never been as clear to me as it is now. With clarification of purpose, I'm cutting down on some of the clutter so I can have a laser focus on where I can do the most good and do more in that area than I've been doing.

The most frequently asked question to me these days is 'what do I do with everything' that I pick up gaming wise.

There's no short and simple answer, and while I've answered the question hundreds of times by now, the question lingers and in some cases with great skepticism. As a researcher of pop culture history - video games in particular - I can certainly understand skepticism and while I've been transparent this entire time, I also understand how quickly information can be buried in a social media driven world.

So I'm working this week to do better by this so that this rather complicated series of irons I have in the fire can be better understood. In the meantime, here's a look at one I don't talk about often enough: Education.

I fully believe that video game history will someday be taught academically just as the histories of art, music and film are today. A big motivating factor in terms of preservation is to help that be easier in time. Many items I have are used as visual aids or set aside for such use down the road.

REPLY- Academic for what lol for you rot teach lol, like this day in history Patterson nearly went to jail, this day in gaming history patterson lost the most scores ANY gamer ever lost in 1 year?, perhaps back in the 90s and early 2000s Patterson scammed people of 1000s of dollars , on this date Patterson wrote and attempted to publish a knowingly falsified historical article, later to be proven fraud and said he made a mistake and put it in several other magazines, this date patterson was caught by Twingalaxies Cheating Great history to tell everyone!!!!!!!!

Here is a fun example from last fall through Denton's Emily Fowler Library. They did a video game history month up there and many of the items I've recovered were used for a visual representation in their display case. During this period, I also teamed up with Alec Featherstone for a presentation where we stressed the importance of preservation to a room full of eager youths.. and it appears the message was heard.

What Do You Do With Them? - It depends completely on what the items are. Vintage games and consoles are eventually cleaned and repaired if necessary. Badly damaged vintage items are used to provide parts for other restorations. Not one single part or item is ever discarded, and every effort is made here to keep any video game related item out of landfills and out of the hands of people who would use them for donor carts or modifications into items that strip them of their history.

Reply - But as you resell them they end up being donor carts, your known for blowing up boards and arcade items, you have no understanding of repair or cleaning, without donor carts it would not be cost effective to make new homebrews DEMOCRAT, Modifications are what keeps an item from being thrown away, remember you had a 7800 donated to u and wanted to chuck your 2600, in writing, who you kidding patterson the stalkers you endured watched you throw things in ur truck/car, chuck other items and bake em in the sun for hours to take pictures and RE USE em.

The only preservation you are for is Patterson and the 2X4 home you Endure 

Soon Wiki will ban your IP and your name and scams will be history 

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