Sunday, June 4, 2017

Classic Gaming Fest Refunded Patrick Scott Patterson a personal check for 500.40 for travel and vending fees lost

We confirmed with several sources plus one of the Shows Organizers, he explained the BIGGEST reason Patrick was banned and booted for the 2017 show was the Organizers were forwarded and discovered the ill on Tim Mcvey and Patrick Scott Patterson's conversations, belittling Billy and Walter.

So Patrick LIES and says it was his pay, the CGF people admitted he was strange for posting a check and NOT happy he lied public about it claiming to be PAY for his not showing up services, the fact is Patterson gets a free room and sometimes 50-100 for a panel the ENTIRE WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!

 Actual Conversation!!!!!!

Most cases Patrick has to cover all his expenses and gets a free room and pass in, never has he been paid over 100 for a panel.....

Personal checks should also alert you that would be IRS issues and Tax issues, for both CGF and Patrick.

Mr. Ferretti Patrick's check was for 500 odd dollars was a refund travel and other fees lost, not pay in the least, we do not pay anyone that kind of salary to show up to our venues, it's not something we could even afford to do for well known people. One our event coordinators saw Patrick bashing Walter and Billy on FB and asked for psp to be kicked out of the event. So Patrick did this to himself. Nothing to do with Walter, Billy or anyone Sir, but I  know he thinks otherwise and appears to be claiming it.

Thanks Again for your outreach Rudy and we hope to see you at our event!

Thank you for letting me know!

So Patrick are you ready to tell the truth now on this matter????


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